Історії успіху учасників проекту
«Англійська у сфері ІТ  для випускників програми малих стипендій з вивчення англійської мови Посольства США в Україні «Програма Access»»


У 2017 – 2018 р.р. у трьох громадах України за підтримки Посольства США в Україні було впроваджено Проект: «Вивчення англійської мови у сфері IT для випускників програми малих стипендій з вивчення англійської мови Посольства США в Україні (Програма «Access»)» // Access Alumni Technology Training Project. Мета проекту – надати додаткові можливості випускникам програми малих стипендій з вивчення англійської мови Посольства США в Україні (English Access Microscholarship Program) у здобутті навичок, що допомогли б їм у подальшому навчанні і під час вибору майбутньої професії, зокрема у сфері інформаційних технологій. Тематики занять мали на меті поглиблення знань з англійської мови, термінології, тощо, що застосовуються у ці галузі, що, як очікується матиме додатковий позитивний вплив на навчання і подальший професійний розвиток молодих людей, які взяли участь у проекті. Проект проходив у смт. Чернігівка, Запорізької області та містах Полтаві і Вінниці за адміністрування міжнародної неурядової організації Project Harmony, Inc. (PH International) у партнерстві з українськими неурядовими організаціями – громадською організацією «Інститут громадського розвитку «Ортега-і-Гасет» (м.Токмак, Запорізької обл.), Харківським громадським центром «Молодь за демократію» та громадською організацією  «Центр Поділля-Соціум» (м.Вінниця). Проект надав можливість 46-ти випускникам програми Access, зокрема дітей з малозабезпечених сімей, молоді з числа ВПО, сімей, що перебувають у складних життєвих обставинах, покращити свої знання англійської мови і навички у сфері ІТ. Зокрема, у кожному з трьох регіонів, де впроваджено проект, його учасники пройшли курс із шести десяти 90-хвилинних занять. Заняття проекту включали наступні два компоненти: 1) Англійська мова з наголосом на ІТ (62 години на групу), та 2) Програмування/кодування (28 годин на групу), що дозволило учасникам попрактикуватись у створення простих додатків (програм і ігор) для комп’ютерів і мобільних пристроїв.


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Olha Horina (Vinnytsia)

«ACCESS in My Life»

Undoubtedly, we all expect something when we open new doors for ourselves. We want to get incredible impressions, rare knowledge, new friends and acquaintances, gain experience...

Honestly, by submitting the necessary package of documents to participate in the selection of Access, I did not even have a WHERE I dream of getting. It all started a long time ago. To the first general meeting after the selection, I came with my dad. How many people were there! I did not feel right at once. By the coincidence, my future best friends whom I met in Access sat next to me. We did not even get acquainted then, but let me tell everything in order.

The first impression is always the most emotional and best remembered. Mine was: “where am I?” Honestly. As soon as I went to the office, I immediately realized that this is not an additional, not a school, but absolutely something new and unusual. Despite the fact that I arrived on time to the first lesson, I could not hide somewhere in the scratch. There remained only free space there - in the center, on the soft puff. A small room was filled with teens.

The start took place with Anna Yuriyivna Kynal. The first thing she said to us was: "Do not you think that I always smile and that I am good." I will never forget that. Later, we all understood what it was said: Anna Yuriyivna always knew how to divide learning and just fun, because we, like little children, wanted only the second one. In the first lesson, we all met and laughed at once from the very beginning of the project, an incredible atmosphere of friendship and laughter was created. The second and third lessons were not so tangled in my memory.

For two years, we have been studying English in all possible ways. However, in order not to overcook us and to make lessons more interesting, we sang and danced, went beyond the limits of our boxes, resolved, at first glance, unrealistic tasks that were set for us. Often, there were such classes that helped us to develop our communication skills - not in groups with mixing us before the start of the exercise, as we all knew each other, but on the street. We were often spit out on the street and were given a type of job to ask ask people what they gave their beloved or beloved on Valentine's Day, or name their favorite meal. Words do not convey WHAT I felt when I first heard such a task. As it turned out, it is incredibly difficult to overcome the fear of approaching a person and ask for an elementary, even childish, question. I remember the biggest shock I had was the task "What would be the super power you would like to have?” The third person of four people that our group interviewed turned out to be a priest. We liked and were interested in his reflections on the theme of what \ as, but because of them we did not manage our task in the allocated time... Meetings of this type were numerous. After three, probably, we were not afraid of such "run-ins" as much as before, and were even asking for more time for these tasks.

I would never have thought that people can talk frankly and sincerely with completely unfamiliar people. Every interviewed person in such a task is my personal small victory over myself, and their answers are rewarding. One question with an "obvious answer" is to hear incredible stories from ordinary passers-by. Something resembles magic, is not it?

Also, teachers in every way developed our creativity. This bike on the photo was presented to me at the 16th anniversary (Was it a bicycle?). Every Friday our classes with Yuliia Kashpruk began with puzzles. After them, I always began to look at the world with a different look. The most striking example was the task, when we were divided into two teams and told to take as much as possible empty cells in a row. Modified cross-ticks. She spoke the task twice, but we did not do it anyway. We all focused on getting a victory for our own team, not the group as a whole, because the task that was actually given to us was to make the most lines, and not to beat others. And, sometimes, we turned the office where we were studying up-side down! I do not even know where else you could stick the room with tape, just to keep the tower of paper!

We have been always involved in community works, and it brought up with us the correct understanding of what is good and what is bad. Our first summer camp was called "GO GREEN". It was an incredible eco-camp that combines socially useful and fun tasks and minilectures on the importance of sorting waste. We even created our own Earth song! The most interesting day of the camp, undeniably became a trip to a garbage collection station. We have gained a lot of impressions and once again we were convinced of the globality and importance of waste issues. Sometimes even rubbish may be interesting. Every day - a new location. Not every camp can boast so.

A special feature of Victoria Mykolayivna Herasymchuk was ‘little palms’. When the lesson ended, nobody could go, until she gave him or her ‘five’ with both hands. She was the best in instantly determining who was wrong, who had a mood. It has always been a pleasure to understand that at least someone knows how you feel. Always smiling and friendly, Victoria Mykolaivna saved my Mondays. Incredible impressions would not have been possible without incredible friends. Access has lifted up me with the dearest and best friends. It was this project that taught us to be friends, to be a team, not to be afraid of opportunities.

And everything started with the extra opportunities that we received during the training - from the ‘SpravaVholos’ (translated as ‘BusinessAloud’), where we studied journalism. We all got incredible experience. We have been discussing what to write, how to write, who will be responsible for the texts, and so on, did not sleep at night in order to make it, dreamt about the victory.

In addition to ‘SpravaVholos’, Access provided opportunities to participate in trainings, diverse projects, seminars, summits. Every time I told YES such opportunities, new ones were opened. All of them helped me become what I am today. Without them, I would continue to be an old one - a closed, timid Olya, who is better at sitting reading a book at home than being among people. With every occupation, I became more inclined; with every occupation I became more and more open and thanked the fate for wonderful people it introduced me to. Thanks to my self-confidence and the ripples of what I did, I realize that I am special in this world and I can do something. Last summer, as part of one of the public organizations, I served as the project manager. I do not think I would manage to do this without what Access gave to me...

Two years were full of events and impressions and they flew imperceptibly. I remember when I returned home after the project was completed, and the next morning I was about to go to English Access Program class and … understood everything. No lessons, no smiles, no jokes of our coordinator Serhii Ivanovych Protsenko or boys - nothing. Already, there will not be a Eurovision from Vlad, no Skoropadsky, and, and, and, and… Like, if someone have torn off a piece of the dearest, most important, most insolent from you. Often, I recall the times when we all were together in the class when they gave the Access tests, and then we checked the answers ourselves. I loved getting scores from Leo.

At Access we could all be ourselves. Nobody ever tried to change us there. The only thing that they did with us was filling. Filling with knowledge, memories, faith in ourselves and in others. I love you, Access. Now we will all SET A FIRE! Thank you for being in my life.”

Veronika Halka (Vinnytsia)

"Participation in the Project ACCESS in My Life"

“Dreams… I like to dream as, very likely, every person does. Every age has its dreams. They change with time because you change as well. I like the expression of the famous Russian actress N.V. Rumiantseva "I don't betray the dream, I change the dream".

I was only 14 years old when I got the chance to become a member of the project "English Access Microscholarship Program". Interest, a wish to have the best grades at school in English, to get acquainted with new friends urged me to apply for the project. But quite little time passed in studies, trainings, meetings, excursions and I have felt that I possess new possibilities and new dreams appeared. The feeling "I will be able" was the most pleasant: I will be able to speak fluent English, will be able to read and understand English literature, to do complex tests without any effort. I've got new dreams - the dream to travel to different countries of the world and to teach other people this rich, interesting international language. Self-confidence in myself, my dreams and knowledge - is the best gift I was presented by courses tutors Anna Yuriyivna, Victoriia Mykolayivna and Yuliia Mykolayivna. I am grateful to them for that because only them taught me to treat the language peculiarities from another angle, to see and understand its specific complications, not to be afraid of my own mistakes as they have been always nearby - friendly, professional, and persistent. Now I'm almost 17. I'm a student of the Teacher-Training College. Gradually I make my dreams come true and I know that without participation in this project I wouldn't move forward so confidently, as that store of knowledge, know-how, skills I had got during three years of studies I carry confidently with me.

Every time I remember with gratitude those who during these three years have become my other family, armed me with knowledge necessary for life and studies, taught me to dream.

Sofiia Posviatenko (Vinnytsia)

A New Page of My Life

"Access"… At first sight it's just the name of a project for studying English. But in fact "Access" it's a new page of my life, my great success and perception of myself.

When I got invitation to participate in the project I was very happy. "It will be a good chance to improve my level of knowledge in English", I told my family. And as it turned out I wasn't mistaken. But I just couldn't imagine that much more than studying of my favorite matter was awaiting me. "Access" became for

me the opportunity to be open to the whole world and get to know myself.

I remember when I was going to the project being uncertain and unsociable person: was afraid to make a mistake, didn't believe in my own power and was trying to please everybody as I believed I was not as I should be. But now everything is different – I know that I'm unique. I understand that one doesn't make mistakes who does nothing. I'm sure of myself. Such impressive changes happened just in a few years due to “Access”.

My friends whom I met at the project played a big role in it. It was just them whom I share genuine friendship with and who made my participation in "Access" project an unforgettable experience, and the language study interesting.

As far as English is concerned, I can say that I know English very well. Due to excellent "Access" tutors I not only improved my level of knowledge but fell in love with that language. It was the project that gave me the impulse and understanding of the fact that English should be the matter of my future life.

Looking back in the past I understand that without “Access” there would be no happiness and success I have got now. I'm happy to get into this wonderful project which gave me the chance for the new life to which I pace my way with certainty and belief in the best.

Thank you, "Access".”

Aniuta Morhun

"ACCESS" project coordinator in Vinnytsia, NGO "Center “Podillia-Soсium"

"ACCESS" project has no end but only a continuation …

"English Access Microscholarship Program" was a very special event in the activity of my public organization and in my personal life as well.

It was even not just a single event but a stage in my life that has contributed to my personal professional development and development of my organization.

The mission of NGO "Center “Podillia-Soсium", where I work, is "formation of a society in which people are studying throughout whole their lives". The purpose and objectives of "ACCESS" project contributed to that mission.

Particularly valuable to us was the fact this project provides for opportunities of acquisition of new knowledge and competencies for adolescents from families having complicated life circumstances. Not every such family has sufficient funds to pay for individual tutoring of their children. At the stage of formation of groups for training under the project, our organization cooperated fruitfully with local government bodies of the town of Vinnytsia. Such cooperation helped our public organization to gain authority and gave impetus to our new interesting social projects.

I had the opportunity to observe directly and for a long time how positive changes were happening to our ACCESS project participants. It was amazingly joyful to see how teenagers' leadership qualities were being revealed, how they become more confident, communicative and friendly with each other. There were 40 children participated in the project simultaneously in Vinnytsia. Without exaggeration, these 20 girls and 20 boys have become a single family.

I am also happy that after completion of the project many of its former participants are now actively involved as volunteers in the activities of public organizations of our town. It is even much more valuable for me personally than the fact that all project participants have greatly improved their command of English. I feel happy about being involved to some extent to such positive changes.

The special pride of our organization is our Teacher Team: Viktoriia Herasymchuk, Yuliia Kashpruk and Anna Kinal. I use capital letters to emphasize that they are real talented professionals who love children and are keen of their occupation. Working with such professionals is happiness and I am grateful to these talented Teachers.

The history of my success was facilitated by support and care provided personally by Andrei Haidamashka – the head of the Separate Subunit of the Foreign NGO "Project Harmony, Inc. Ukraine". I gained a lot of experience in social projects management.

One of the rules established within our public organization NGO "Center “Podillia-Soсium" is the slogan "Work with joy and substantiveness". During the implementation of the ACCESS project, this rule was implemented by 101%.

I am confident that the project will be continued!

Anastasiia Kovbasiuk (Vinnytsia)

My Little Story

How the majority of people imagine their life? Approximately, it looks like this: kindergarten, school, university, work, pension. And when we are on the stage "school-university" we very often dream when our studies on this stage will end, and after getting a diploma just to forget about it. We dream about stability, about peaceful, quiet, careless life. We are surrounded by dullness. Here and there and everywhere. We remain unnoticeable and don't understand what we demand from ourselves.

I was such a person myself. You will ask: what could so hard influence the teenager's life to change it cardinally? In fact, I don't know the exact answer myself. Or they were acquired knowledge, maybe tutors, friends or I just felt myself different due to fast changes in my life – it is unknown.

There is one thing I know for sure: the answer is in a very simple but very deer for me word - "Access". For somebody this word is only usual extract from the dictionary, somebody often uses it in his communication, and others even don't know about its existence. But for me it's a whole story, my little, not ideal but unique and unforgettable story.

My "Ассеss Story" began in October 2015. By that moment I was the 9th grade pupil of general comprehensive school which are many in the town. I didn't regard myself peculiar and necessary, was unsure of myself and didn't know what kind of person I dream to become in future. I was looking at my successful friends and acquaintances, was looking and didn't understand why I can't be such a person.

It looked like there appeared one more program in foreign language study. So why not to try my powers? I passed the selection, got acquainted with my classmates, with tutors and here it is - my new life has begun. Continuous meetings three times a week with new interesting information, its creative presentation, cozy atmosphere around you, such smiling and genuine only because you are in such place, at proper time and with proper people. And our festive days, and volunteer activity and finally the camp and summit. And undoubtedly there are things worth remembering and there things you want to feel again and again.

For me "Access" is not just the name of the project. This is knowledge and experience, abilities and skills, friends and family. This is a new step towards my future. Just imagine, due to one project in language study I was able to participate in other four projects and won't stop in future. I'm planning from now on to be in touch with people without whom I don't imagine my life now, to seek and open new pages of my personality, to be shoulder to shoulder with my "Access family", to gain new knowledge and experience and to share them with other people.

The program gave me possibility to understand who I am and what I want. Its tutors taught me to see possibility everywhere and be able to use it. Its pupils could make from little imperceptible girl confident in herself lady with big plans for future who isn't afraid of any obstacles on her way. My level of English has improved, certainty has grown, and the number of good acquaintances and friends has increased. I never regretted I had become part of this story.

This is how one doubtful step turns into confident jump forward. Don't be afraid to try yourself in something new, don't be afraid to seek your "I" among hundreds of thousands of others, to undergo changes and to change others the way "Access" did with me. I'm grateful to everybody who has added new colours to my dull life, who made my participation in the project possible and the time spent together so bright and unforgettable. I hope this program will change people's mind and hearts in future.

Olha Klybanska (Vinnytsia)

Wonderful projects, admirable master-classes, useful trainings, new knowledge and genuine people – all this surrounded me during the last two years due to active organization "Tsentr Podillya-Sotsium". This is just that pleasant case when you spend all your free time for self-development and assistance to others. During this long period of time, participants of the projects had opportunities to improve their level of English, to get acquainted with IT-domain, to acquire experience of correct communication and to know themselves. In general, I regard such organizations the best for consolidation of young people with similar objectives. Participating in Access program I got acquainted with interesting fellows, who at first sight were too serious and quite different. But having known them better I found wonderful friends among those diligent pupils and I hope our communication won't stop upon completion of projects. Also, one of our life stage was "People of the Future" program. Every time having attended this admirable training we got new knowledge in this or that field. That regular and genuine communication this organization contributed, undoubtedly left good trace in our fates. Just due to those people who endeavored efforts to work with us and were nearby all that time, we became communicative, open for something new and added new useful information to our life experience. That's why I want to thank all executives, sponsors and tutors of NGO "Center Podillia-Socium" organization for their assiduous work, attendance, wonderful atmosphere and happy moments of life they have created for us. And in the end, I wish you not to stop with your attainments as you are moving in the right direction. New achievements to you!

Vadym Horban (Vinnytsia)

Hello! My name is Vadym Horban, I am 16 years old. I am studying on the first year of Vinnytsia Technical College, specializing in "Servicing computer systems and networks". Today, this college is one of the largest and most respectable educational institutions in the Vinnytsia region. I became a student of this institution thanks to the events that happened to me during the past three years.

Three years ago, I became a participant of the English Access Microscholarship Program that helps to study English language and learn about culture of the United States.

I have to admit that at that time my level of knowledge of English was rather "nasty". I was ashamed to speak this language, even during the school lessons with my teachers, afraid of being mistaken in pronunciation or meaning of words, and being ridiculed by my classmates or even a teacher (at that time I was a student of Stryzhavka secondary school in Vinnytsia region). I received mainly 6 and 7 points for my knowledge (12 ball system), while at school I was considered an excellent student.

In autumn 2015, the NGO "Center Podillia-Socium" offered me to go to the selection for participation in the above-mentioned program. I am very pleased that I was lucky to pass this selection.

And then learning began...

In the first lesson, in my opinion, all participants had a very confused look, because everyone was unfamiliar, at the age of 14-16, and here as well, to speak English. However, paying tribute to the teachers and project organizers who took the initiative in their hands, from the second lesson, we felt were very familiar people.

Already after several lessons, I felt a huge difference between methods of teaching at school and during Access program classes. I was shocked that learning can be fun and productive, because we studied English while playing games, singing songs, dancing various dances, using modern technologies (smartphones, computer programs, the Internet, etc.). As for productivity, already in the second quarter of the school, in my success chart, instead of the gloomy "7" I got a solid "8" in English. I went to classes with great pleasure, because I knew that my friends are waiting for me and that we will have fun.

And when I started communicating with the "native speakers" of English (for example, John Meister, a retired from the United States and at the same time a Pease Corps Volunteer), my admiration for communication in English was generally unlimited. John explained to me that he was endowed with unlimited satisfaction with the fact that we, Ukrainians, communicate in his native language, and our little mistakes in pronunciation or grammar are of no significance. That's when I finally lost the fear of being ridiculed by peers or teachers.

A year later, I received a scoreboard of "9" in English, and, after a year, I had already fought for "11" with my English teacher at my school, who seemed to me was not very willing to give me this score as she felt that’s that was not a school program that gave me such knowledge and, the most important, self-confidence.

I have a lot of pleasant memories about these three years. The participants of this program are still communicating with each other; we often meet and, for some reason, recall the lessons of Anna Yuriyivna Kynal (one of the teachers of the program). With John, I also communicate, but unfortunately, only through social networks. However, I am sure that I will also visit his homeland, as my future profession provides opportunities for foreign business trips.

I am convinced that due to my self-confidence, which I acquired through the Access program, I believed in myself and took the risk of entering the Vinnytsia Technical College in 2017 for the specialty "Servicing Computer Systems and Networks" (at that time, the competition for one vacant place in the college was seven candidates!). As a result, I am a student of this college and I am proud of this. My ambitions, in the future, are far beyond the limits of this educational institution.

I take this opportunity to thank all those involved in such an extremely useful program. I would like to advise others - if you will ever have the opportunity to study a foreign language exactly in this program, use it and you will never regret about it!

© PH International, ACCESS Ukraine 2018